Department of Furniture Design and Testing (JPRPP) is a department focused on design development, product innovation and furniture testing. The main activity of the Department is to provide advisory services, training and furniture testing services to Bumiputera entrepreneurs involved in the furniture industry and furniture interior design industry.

  • iD House
    • Interior Design DevelopmentProgramme
    • Internal Designer Entrepreneur Development Programme(ID Entrepreneur Development Programme)
    • Design DevelopmentTraining
    • 3D Printing Development Programme (3D Printing Development Programme)
  • Commercial Design Development Programme

    Commercial Design Development Programme

  • Hands-On Product Design With Entrepreneurs

    Hands-On Product Development Programme

  • Market Development Through Advertising, Packaging & Promotions

    Packaging & Promotion Marketing Programme

  • Furniture Branding Development Programme (GENERATOR)

    Brand Products Development Programme (GENERATOR)

  • Innovation Product Development Programme

    Product Innovation Development Programme


    FITEC Furniture Testing Center (FFTC)

  • FITEC Furniture Testing Center (FFTC) is a furniture testing laboratory accredited with MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005

    FITEC Furniture Testing Center (FFTC) is a furniture testing laboratory in Malaysia that limit has been accredited to MS ISO/IEC 17025.

  • FFTC offers furniture testing services that include stability, strength and durability testing based on international standards

    FFTC provides wide range of furniture testing that includes stability, strength and durability test according to international standards.

  • FFTC furniture testing will identify the security level of your furniture and ensure user safety

    Testing at FFTC will identify the safety level of your furniture and give you a piece of mind towards the safety of your end users.

  • FITEC Furniture Testing Laboratory UTHM Teaching Factory Branch (TF), Pagoh. Johor

    FITEC Furniture Testing Center, UTHM Teaching Factory (TF) branch, Pagoh, Johor

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ISO/IEC 17025:2005