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To be a national corporate organisation which are outstanding in entrepreneurship, furniture industry and services for commercial sectors and defence.


Strengthen entrepreneurship by providing infrastructure facilities, training and commercial sector and defence development.


  1. Improving the entrepreneur’s skills and knowledge’s in technology transfer through technical training.
  2. Helps in producing product design and branding
  3. Performing research and development activities in new material in furniture industries (e.g. Plastic, Composite and Metal).
  4. To be the furniture industries information center and referral sources.
  5. Lend consultation services in technical department, management, promotion and exhibitions.
  6. Materialized new Bumiputera’s entrepreneur.
  7. Prepare furniture sales center in Malaysia.
  8. Offer programs and promotion activities for Bumiputera’s furniture entrepreneur.



The factory owner, Plant Manager, Plant Supervisor, Technical Employees, Contractors, Furniture Designer, Interior designer, Furniture traders.